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About Us






About Us

At Crickmay we believe that we can and do make a difference, a big, positive difference to the supply chains we work in. We never cease to be surprised at the extent of the impact we have.

We are passionate about what we do and about the process we have developed and honoured over many years. Central to the process (depicted by our Nautilus shell) is the notion that unless supply chains are self governed they cannot be efficient and profitable in the long term.

We are a focussed and extremely hard working team, we take risks, sometimes fail and at times challenge the status quo in order to create change. However, we do continually strive to get better and attempt to avoid projects and activities where we cannot excel.

We love our work and often form deep friendships and loyalties with the internal change agents we get to work with.


Operate as God would want us to
Continually improve
Conduct our work with enthusiasm and passion
Communicate and share ideas
Only work with clients we believe we can help
Employ and develop talented people
Deliver a high standard of service
Encourage ‘saambou’ and accountability within the company
Using knowledge effectively
Have a healthy disrespect of the impossible (as Google does)

To our discredit we sometimes fall short of these values. However, we do invite our staff, clients and associates to challenge us whenever we err and commit ourselves to rectifying areas where we fail.


We run a matrix structure at Crickmay which means that you have a line manager, but you could be working for a number of managers on different projects all at the same time. This requires a high level of trust, maturity and self motivation to work effectively.

Projects are carefully designed and run to project plans with clear milestones and deliverables. The achievement of milestones and promises are not negotiable and we take enormous pride in their delivery.

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