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Crickmay Supply Chain Evolution. We are a specialist supply chain improvement company providing unique analyses tools and solutions to bulk supply chains internationally


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RTMS Accreditation Made Easy

Part of Crickmay & Associates' suite of specialist supply chain improvement service is its RTMS Transporter Accreditation service...

Celebrating 24 Years Of Rewarding Excellence

Crickmay won the Platinum award "for distinction in logisitics in development and implementation of self-regulation in the transport sector", as well as...

Top SA Award For Local Firm

The firm won the coveted Platinum Award with cum laude at the prestigious 24th Annual Logistics Achiever Awards at Montecasino in Sandton recently...





If your motivation is to find a place that pays the most, you are probably going to be disappointed, plus you will probably work harder here than you have ever done before in your life. A local university class agreed once that Crickmay was no place to work as “they work too hard”, so we recommend that you think carefully before considering us as a place of work.

What we do offer at Crickmay is the chance to make a real difference. We will give you the opportunity to work on projects that you would rarely get the chance to work on. You will get to work with talented people that are absolutely passionate about what they do and are eager to share their knowledge. Our projects are exciting, usually scary and often change the way that entire industries operate. This provides the environment where, out of necessity, people get to develop themselves.

One of our values is to work with talented people and to develop them. It is our job as management to help make them successful and to teach them skills that are often not taught at university or college.

All our previous employees will confirm that they were given responsibilities and challenges that stretched them to the limits of their capabilities and that they grew as a result.

If you apply for a position and make it to the short list please be aware that it is our practice to exhaustively interview potential candidates. All senior managers and directors are involved in the final interviews and in many cases peers as well. No senior person will be taken on unless the spouse or partner has been interviewed.

We take care that before we select people we have an excellent understanding of their strengths and how well matched they are to the requirements of the job; a judgement that is important for the long term success of the company and for the people who work here.

MD: Andrew Crickmay.


"If you don’t change, reality in the end forces that change upon you "….Stuart Wilde
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