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The founder of Crickmay, David Crickmay, established the consulting based company in 1982, benchmarking a handful of independent sawmills’ financial results against each other. Today the company benchmarks approximately 70% (based on production) of the formal softwood sawmills in South African.

The tool used to benchmark the sawmills, the Intermill Comparison, is produced on a quarterly basis and compares the participating mills' key costs and sales information on a Rand per cubic metre basis, against the most profitable mills. This helps mills identify areas of opportunity. The comparison is also done annually on an international basis.

Crickmay produces a monthly publication, known as the Lumber Index, primarily for the sawmilling industry, which provides information to assist sawmills in obtaining prices commensurate with the quality of the lumber being produced. It also provides market information to local end users to assist them in acquiring timber at fair and affordable prices. To subscribe to the Lumber Index please email Mandy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

"Measurements should direct managers to the
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….Eli Goldratt
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