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Self Regulation Sector

Some of our clients
89% SA Sugar Industry
55% SA Coal Industry
35% SA Pulp & Paper Industry

In South Africa, approximately 60% of damage to roads is attributed to overloading.  It is estimated that the deteriorated road infrastructure costs the country some R7 billion per annum in vehicle operating costs alone.  Road accidents account for the death of 12,000 people per annum in South Africa and trucks are twice as likely to be involved in fatal accidents per km driven.

Crickmay are founder members of the process known as the Load Accreditation Programme (LAP), which became the Road Traffic Management System(RTMS) . Crickmay runs programmes in the sugar, coal and pulp and paper industries and has invested in the process as they saw the enormous potential benefits to clients that could accrue through a self regulated supply chain.  If correctly implemented, self regulation can deliver enormous returns in efficiency improvement and Government concessions, apart from the obvious benefits of good governance.

An RTMS Summary report (dated January 2011) has been compiled by Andrew Crickmay (Managing Director), and a link to a pdf of this report is below to enable you to share a brief update on the RTMS progress that has been made in the Sugar and Coal Industries to date.

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